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What Is Private Health Insurance?

Medical costs continue to rise in 2018 and many people have realized that their job-based insurance policies are not covering all their needs. Private health insurance is often a better option for families and individuals as you can customize your plan and your monthly premiums are paid directly to your insurance provider.

You do not have to be employed to purchase private health insurance and your policy is usually more flexible than job-based policies. Private health insurance is a popular choice for self-employed people. The monthly premiums are usually cheap because you don’t have to pay for the medical costs of workmate and colleagues.

Benefits of Private Health Insurance Include:

Can be bought whether you’re employed or not Individualized health insurance plans with low deductibles Ability to compare insurance providers and make an informed decision

What Is PPO Insurance?

A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance policy allows you to choose your own doctor and healthcare professionals. You can make your appointments yourself, you don’t have to get a referral from your General Practitioner and you can create a customized plan to suit your needs. PPO insurance plans are becoming very popular due to their flexibility.

If you decide to purchase a PPO plan, you may need to pay a deductible before your insurance provider starts to pay your medical costs. However, this means you may also have a higher coverage amount. When purchasing your policy, be sure to check the fine print to see if you need to co-pay for some services.

Benefits of PPO Insurance Include:

Individualized plans and monthly premiums You can visit whichever provider you choose No need for a referral to visit a specialist

How to Recognize the Best Private Health Insurance Companies?

The best private health insurance company for you is the one that can provide all the coverage you need for a reasonable price. For example, do you need prescription coverage? Do you have children that you would like to add to your policy? Does the policy include preventative coverage?

The deductible is an important consideration when you’re choosing a private health insurance company. This is the amount you must pay before your insurance company starts covering your costs. You can expect a high deductible policy to also have low monthly premiums and conversely, a low deductible may mean higher monthly premiums.

Benefits of Using the Best Private Health Insurance Companies Include:

Ability to customize insurance policies Higher deductibles mean lower monthly premiums Usually offer prescription coverage

How Do I Apply for Private Health Insurance?

Open enrollment dates for health insurance in 2018 closed on December 15, 2017. However, open enrollment for 2019 occurs between November 1, 2018 and December 15, 2018. You can apply for the children’s health insurance program (CHIP) at any time during the year. Certain life experiences such as marriage, birth of a child, and death of a family member included in your policy may also allow you to enroll outside of the open enrollment period.

To apply for private health insurance, you can visit the New York marketplace and apply online. Alternatively, you can call and speak to an insurance agent who will help you decide which is the best option for you and will guide you through the simple application process.

Benefits of Applying for Private Health Insurance During Open Enrollment Include:

All information is in one place and easy to follow Insurance agents can walk you through the application process Private health insurance providers are easy to find and compare online

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We make it easy to find a plan that’s right for your budget and your needs.

Not finding what you are looking for?
Speak to a Live Agent instead.
Call (866) 428-2888
We make it easy to find a plan that’s right for your budget and your needs.